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Geeky Zeeky is here with all the information you need!

We are your most trusted friend when it comes to any kind of tech-related information! From the latest news to honest reviews, from detailed guides to wise suggestions – we have it all for you. 

About Geely Zeeky – And The Man Behind the Scene

Geely Zeeky was founded in 2021 with the sheer enthusiasm to share information about all things technological! Sure enough, it has built a solid follower base of techies of every background – whether they are students or professionals in the field or just tech fanatics. 

Geeky Zeeky is the brainchild of Mainak Ghosh, a 23-year old tech enthusiast. A B.Tech student with a Polytechnic degree, Mainak is currently associated with a startup as an SEO expert and has spent over four years studying and gaining the working knowledge of computer hardware.  

As a true-blue “Bangali Boy”, he loves chatting. No cookies for you for guessing that the subject of his choice is always technology!  

We are here to improve your “Tech-xperience” – and get the best out of every gadget and application you use!    

We ensure that you get honest and detailed information and analysis and help you understand the latest trends in the market. At Geeky Zeeky, you will discover features of your devices and software that you didn’t know about!


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